About me

Currently with 12 years’ experience in Mid-Stream Energy, the Senior Vice President of Business Development for Fuel Me.

Married for to Armando Molina Principal of LISD Middle School with over 20 years’ experience in education.

Mother of three UISD Mueller Elementary students, age 10 Amanda Rae, Age 6 Zoe Sky and Age 5 Xander Fox.in which I have a vested interest.

Autism Mom in which I will advocate for all students with Special needs.

I am Black Belt in Karate and provide instruction in Martial Arts at the Molina Institute of Martial Arts.

Why me?

I am running for the school board to bring positive change and to raise the expectations of what a person elected to this office is held accountable for. I want to have an open line of communications with community members, parents, and employees of the district. I want to be able to advocate for the best interest of all UISD. I want to allocate resources strategically and provide systemic sustainable change.

My platform is to provide:

My platform

School Safety and Mental Health Awareness to all stakeholders

Academic Progress to be able to close learning gaps

Transparency & Integrity to always do what is right

Financial Stability to ensure accountability of district expenditures and resources

Provide sytemic sustainable change management of day to day operations

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